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The way home insurance was meant to be.

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Insuring homes across Virginia since 1794, and now in Blacksburg!

What would you do with the money you save?

A homeowner's policy with Mutual Assurance is unlike any other you've had. Here's what makes us so unique.

Introducing the Perpetual Policy, where savings accumulate

Unlike a typical home insurance policy, with our perpetual policy, you pay a one-time premium that covers the entire life of the policy.

After that, you pay only a low annual assessment that is a small percentage of the annual premium. The assessment percentage can change from year-to-year but in recent years has held steady between 15%-25%.

The longer you keep your policy, the more you save, and that savings can quickly add up to thousands.

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Our underwriting process is very thorough and we take the time to get to know you and your home.

Here are the steps to becoming a member:

Get an estimate.


Get an online estimate or speak with an agent to see if your home qualifies and to get a general idea of your costs.


Schedule a free home inspection.


We conduct a free inspection of your home to provide common sense measures that protect your home and ensure you have the right coverage.

Discuss your coverage with your agent.


Your agent will provide a formal quote and personally handle your membership. You are under no obligation to proceed, but for most, the savings opportunity is too good to pass up!

How can I get a perpetual policy with Mutual Assurance?

Or call us at 800-648-1794

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