A New Way To Order Your Flo By Moen Device

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Man's hand holding smart phone with flo by moen device in background connected to pipes

Winter is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about frozen pipes again.

Frozen pipes mean water damage, and if you've ever had a pipe burst, you know how devastating the damage and how arduous the return life to normal can be.

To help you avoid a catastrophe, we are still offering the Flo by Moen Shut-Off device to our members for a sharply discount price of $225, including installation by a certified FloPro. As a reminder, this technology normally retails for over $500 plus an additional $225+ for installation.

We hope to offer this exclusive savings opportunity to our members for as long as possible, but the global microchip shortage is affecting device production, and quantities are limited for the remainder of this year and likely through the first quarter of 2022. If you have been considering purchasing a device, we encourage you to do so while we still have stock available.

New Partnership

Mutual Assurance is now partnering with Beagle Services, a national company founded by a former Flo by Moen innovator, to install all of our member's devices. Purchasing, installation, and pairing will all be handled by one FloPro expert to streamline and simplify the process. Plumber extraordinaire Brian, who has installed many of our member's devices to date, has also joined Beagle and will be spearheading the installations in Virginia.

New Website Address and Process

In the past, many of our members have called us when ordering their devices to say, "I don't know the size of my water pipes, " or "How do I pair the device to my phone?" When you think about it, the only homeowners who probably know the size of their pipes are plumbers themselves, and when it comes to smartphone technology, we could all use some help from time to time.

With Beagle services, our members will no longer have to know any of this information prior to purchase or installation. Beagle will come to their homes equipped with all that's needed to complete the install.

Here’s how the new process will work:

  • Members complete a form on our website which requires the homeowner policy number and insured property address where the device will be installed.

  • Mutual Assurance will verify the homeowner information and forward it to Beagle Services. No credit card information will be required at this stage (as it was before).

  • Beagle will reach out to the member to set up an installation time and date.

  • Beagle will install the device, help the owner pair it, and show the homeowner how to use the app.

  • Once installed, the homeowner will then pay $225 for the device and installation.

The new address for ordering a device is

It is always worth mentioning that water damage is the number one claims category for our members. The more we can do together to mitigate leaks, the healthier the Society, and savings on water claims can lead to lower assessment rates. A win-win, no matter how you look at it!


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