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Mutual Is Lifting Some Restrictions on Coverage Eligibility

In the past, Mutual Assurance has looked carefully at fire hydrant and fire station locations as conditions for membership. Specifically, homes had to be within 5 miles of a fire station with municipal water (a hydrant) as the primary source for fire department use. Consequently, homes in more rural areas generally did not qualify for membership in the Society.

With significant improvements in fire-fighting equipment and standards for areas without municipal water and an increase in fire stations for previously underserved areas, the Society believes we can now safely accept homes in these rural locations.

According to Mark Crutcher, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, “Offering coverage to homes in more rural areas will help Mutual Assurance Society achieve our mission to be a leader in Virginia’s insurance industry while adhering to the principle of benevolence that has guided the Society since our founding in 1794.”



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