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"Since 1794, Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia has been providing insurance to homeowners across the Commonwealth. For a company to be in business that long, it must be doing something right."

Why Mutual Assurance?

We're different and well worth it.

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Unmatched Savings

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95% customer retention rate

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Personalized Service

Our Pricing Structure in a Nutshell

With our unique perpetual homeowner policy, members pay a one-time premium the first year with a low annual assessment that is a fraction of this cost each year after that. This means significantly lower costs over the life of their policy. But don't take our word for it, see what two members have said on Google and Nextdoor:


"A policy that never expires, rates after the first year that are 75% off what you paid the first year - and will pay every year after that. Outstanding service, customized coverage - there is no better home insurance provider in Virginia."  

Caroline T., Lynchburg

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Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia is THE way to go. I tried them after two friends raved about them. The first year is  high but drops dramatically after that. I  switched over in 2011. I calculated a savings of $9,067. 94 since then. That is more than I've paid MAS of VA over that period of time.

Fred E., Richmond

Please complete this form and find out if you qualify for coverage. A member of our team will contact you to begin the process once your information has been reviewed. We look forward to meeting you.

Note: if you are already a member of Mutual Assurance Society, special conditions apply.

Please call us to discuss your needs or use our Contact Us form.


Please review the following list of home conditions that will disqualify your home upfront:

  • This is not your primary residence.

  • Home is not located in Virginia, or your home is in Northern Virginia or certain other zip codes we do not cover.

  • Asbestos roof or siding.

  • Trampolines, divings boards, and unfenced pools.

  • Other conditions that may be discussed after the inspection such as a business in the home or overhanging trees, etc.


Please note we require 30 days for inspection, underwriting review, and preparation of a quote. Be sure to discuss your turnaround time with your agent or underwriter.


Please give us your referrer's name and address so we may send a thank you:


Our Quoting Process
We consider each policyholder a partner in protecting their home. After qualifying for coverage, if you are interested in moving forward with a quote, Mutual Assurance will schedule a home inspection. Our inspection helps us to properly insure your home and provides you with some common sense measures to help protect your home from loss. Following your home inspection, we will prepare a quote for you. This process takes up to 30 days.