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Let our trusted water security partner

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protect your home from water damage - the #1 claim category for
Mutual Assurance members.

Receive a discount off your premium with a whole house
automatic shut-off device installed in your home.

Beagle Will Support You Through the Entire Process

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Watchdog® Gives Even More Peace of Mind

Beagle Services also offers a monitoring system called Watchdog®; they'll receive the same alerts you do from your device  - like a home security system does. Just as when a smoke detector goes off, the fire department shows up; if a window is opened, the police will come; when the plumbing alarm signals a problem, Beagle is there.

For example:


  • If you get a small drip alert, you can call Beagle and they'll come fix it  - and they'll already know where the problem is.

  • If your monitoring device has a critical shut-off because a pipe bursts, a water heater explodes, or a supply line bursts, Beagle will contact you to help.

  • Beagle can also see when valves or devices are offline, see if your water pressure is high, and more - keeping your home protected even if you are unaware that there is a problem.

Contact Beagle Today to Discuss Your Home Water Safety Needs

They work with you to find the right device for your home.

1-844-8BEAGLE (823-2453)

And Don't Forget Beagle's Discounted Water Safety Assessment
For All Mutual Assurance policyholders

Make sure your plumbing is in top form with a check of your important water connections and flow rates.

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