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Member Portal Tips

Before you login, please review the information below to ensure a smooth experience.

To make a payment without logging in to the portal, click here.

Account Creation


  • Please use your MOST RECENT Declarations page when creating a new account.

  • Your Billing Period Start Date is the first “Billing Period” date shown on your

       Declarations Page.

  • Your Homeowner’s Policy number begins with HO (For HomeOwner) not H-Zero (H0).

  • Please use the mailing address zip code, not the property address zip code if different.


Login Issues

  • Be sure to use your correct user name. If you are unsure, please click "Forgot User Name" and it will be sent to you.

Payment Issues

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome (Chrome does this automatically, but if not, you will need to update it). To check your version of Chrome, click here.

  • If you still have issues with Chrome, try using a different browser, i.e., Safari, Edge, or Firefox (Internet Explorer is no longer supported).

Feel free to call our main number for assistance, or to have someone take payment over the phone | (804) -355-1794

Go Paperless

  • To change your policy to paperless and have your correspondence emailed – click on the “Profile” link in the upper right-hand corner.  Then scroll down until you see the option to choose “Paperless”.  Select the option you prefer. If you have more than one account (PULP, DP, Renters, Condo), you will need to designate each policy separately.

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