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Our Advantages

Founded on Benevolence - Our Priority

This is the fundamental principle of the Society. "Mutual assurance and mutual risk” are at the heart of our mission to provide quality home insurance protection at a reasonable cost through sound investments, excellent risk selection, and a complete understanding of our member's needs and expectations.

We strive to provide members with the highest levels of personal service in a caring and efficient manner. We do this by building on our reputation as a leader of Virginia's Property and Casualty Insurance Industry while adhering to the basic principles of benevolence that have guided the Society since its founding in 1794.

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A History of Stability

Mutual Assurance has been providing home insurance to Virginians for over 227 years. We have insured the homes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Edgar Allan Poe, and many notable Virginia families. We have seen World Wars, depressions, recessions, storms of the century and weathered them all. You can feel secure knowing we'll be able to handle any losses you may incur on our watch.

An Outstanding Member Experience

A 95% Member Retention Rate

Once you become a member of Mutual Assurance Society, you'll likely be a member for life. The outstanding service received from the first conversation and the unmatched savings realized over the years make membership in the society one of the soundest decisions you'll ever make. In fact, our members leave for only a few reasons: they move out of Virginia, they move into a retirement facility, they move out of a covered territory, or they pass away.

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A Careful Pre-Qualification Process

We don't operate like most home insurance providers who base their quotes only on data and numbers. We take the time to get to know your home and your unique needs. This is why we require a 30-day period after the first conversation, during which we inspect your home inside and out, talk to you about your personal property protection, and craft the right coverage to fit your lifestyle.

Something You Can Take With You

There are some areas of Virginia where we don't offer insurance, whether because of weather threats, locations that do not have municipal water sources, or areas we deem too risky for our members (high flood areas or highly congested areas where help could be delayed in arriving). Once you qualify as a member of Mutual Assurance, however, if you move to another home within Virginia, you can probably take your coverage with you. Even if you move to a place we wouldn't normally offer a policy. Membership has its advantages.

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24/7/365 Help When You Need It

Accidents and natural disasters don't operate on a schedule. We are available to help our members every day of the year. Our associates are ready to take your call during our regular business hours, and our back-up call center handles all other calls and makes sure you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Or call us at 800-648-1794

Member Experience
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