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I use Mutual Assurance for the service line pipes between my 1961 home and the main lines; I pay $35.20/YEAR. It was $44 the first year. Any other insurer is a rip-off. Their (home) coverage is the least as well. I paid $1546 my first year, after which it dropped to 22% of that or $346/YEAR. YEAR is in all caps so you know that I’m not putting in year accidentally rather than month.

Jim Elliott | Member NextDoor Review

Mutual Assurance Society for homeowners is hands down the best - they beat everyone. You pay a little more to get in in the beginning, and they have strict requirements, but the savings is unbelievable. Never had any issues with them on every house i have owned . Best secret in Virginia!

Lauren Lane | Member

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If you can get Mutual Assurance it’s the greatest homeowners insurance ever conceived by man. (Not an exaggeration)!

Tom Twohy | Member

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If you can qualify Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia is the best!

Sandra Markham | Member

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Mutual Assurance Society of VA is the way to go!

Matthew Mears | Member

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Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia is THE way to go. I tried them after two friends raved about them. The first year is very high but drops dramatically after that. I was with Hanover Insurance and switched in 2011. I calculated a savings of $9,067. 94 since then. That is more than I've paid MAS of VA over that period of time.

Fred Emig | Member

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 My homeowners is with Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia. They will only insure properly inspected homes. I normally pay 80% off the standard rate.

Samuel Palmer | Member

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Also Use Va Mutual Assurance for home. Dynamite!

Lelie R. | Member

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Having homeowners insurance from Mutual Assurance gives me peace of mind that I am covered. My claims have always been handled fairly and quickly. Their service is top shelf.

I have been a member of Mutual Assurance for over 10 years and can't believe everyone in Virginia isn't insuring his home with this company. Yes, the first year premium is steeper than with other companies, but I calculate I've saved over $8,000 in the years following. I plan to stick with them for as long as I live in Virginia, and bet my savings will reach $10,000 soon, and just keep going up from there. Great service too. I've only had one claim and the company was terrific. I love Mutual Assurance!

Caroline Boyd | Member

Google Review *****

Jeffrey W. | Member

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