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Photo of 3 story condominium building with balconies and sliding glass doors.

Condo Insurance

Our Condo Insurance (an HO6 policy) offers coverage for the owner of a condo unit occupied as a primary or secondary residence. It protects the structure of the condo unit itself and upgrades that you made, like built-in appliances and custom hardwood flooring.

The extent of how much dwelling coverage you need depends on what’s already covered by your HOA master policy, or condo association insurance. This generally covers all common areas of the condominium building, like a lounge or recreational room, as well as providing varying levels of protection for the interior structure of your condo unit, depending on the policy type. 

Some master policies offer more dwelling coverage for your unit than others. What type of master policy you have will directly impact how much dwelling coverage you need to purchase. Master policies don’t include personal property or loss of use coverage — but a personal condo insurance policy like ours does.

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