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Thomas Jefferson insured his home Monticello with us. Now you can too.

Since 1794, the best-kept secret for home insurance.

Smart homeowners protect their property with us.

Benjamin Franklin was the first to introduce the mutual insurance concept to America in 1752, and Mutual Assurance opened its doors just a few years later, in 1794, to offer the same member-insuring-member concept to Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison insured their homes with us, as did John Marshall and Edgar Alan Poe.

Most of our new members come to us based on referrals from current members, and generations of Virginia families have insured their homes with the Society. Now you can insure your home with the same company that has protected Monticello, Mt. Vernon, Ashlawn, and thousands of other Virginia homes for 229 years.

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home.

A homeowner's policy with Mutual Assurance is unlike any other you've had.

Here's what makes us so unique and how you can save thousands on your coverage over the life of your policy.

Introducing the Perpetual Policy, where savings accumulate year-over-year.

Unlike a typical home insurance policy, with our perpetual policy, you pay a one-time premium that covers the entire life of the policy.

After that, you pay only a low annual assessment that is a small percentage of the annual premium. The assessment percentage can change from year-to-year but in recent years has held steady between 15%-25%.

The longer you keep your policy, the more you save, and that savings can quickly add up to thousands.

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How can I get a Perpetual Policy with

Mutual Assurance?

Great question. Our underwriting process is very thorough in order to keep costs low for all of our members. It can take up to 30 days to complete the process and offer you membership.

Here are the steps to becoming a member:

1. Get an estimate


Complete an online form or speak to a representative to see if your home qualifies and get a rough estimate of your costs.


2. Schedule a free home inspection.


We inspect the interior and exterior of your home to determine if any major risk exposures exist that should be addressed.

3. Discuss your coverage with an underwriter.

You will be assigned an underwriter who will provide a formal quote and personally handle your membership. You are under no obligation to proceed, but for most, the savings opportunity is too good to pass up!


Or call to speak with a representative.


Sound too good to be true?

We hear that a lot. Here's what our members have to say.

Member Testimonials


"The smartest financial decision you'll ever make." 

Mark C., member since 2020



"If you can get Mutual Assurance, it's the greatest homeowners insurance ever conceived by man (not an exaggeration!)." 

Tom T., member since 2005


"Knowledgeable and kind staff, and you can't beat the cost!"

Stacey L., member since 1994


“Mutual Assurance Society for homeowners is hands down the best - they beat everyone. You pay a little more to get in in the beginning, and they have strict requirements, but the savings is unbelievable! Never had any issues with them on every house I have owned. Best secret in Virginia!”

Lauren L.,  member since 2007

"Thank you for the outstanding savings and service, from a 35+ year member."

Henry L. - Member since 1986


For even more testimonials, look on Google, Nextdoor, and Clearsurance.


Or call to speak with a representative.


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