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Declutter and Give Back at the Same Time For Free

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Front porch with two amazon boxes on the floor in front of the door

Whether you are a minimalist, downsizing, or just want to refresh your interior, you can save yourself a trip to a donation center by using your own shipping boxes and letting Amazon and “Give Back Box” do the hard work for you.

Amazon has partnered with Give Back Box to help you make donating items easier. Here’s what you do:

  • Fill an Amazon box you’ve saved from a previous purchase with high-quality items you no longer need such as clothing, household items, or unopened cosmetics.

  • Get your Amazon shipping label to print out here.

Enter your zip code and email so Amazon can find the closest partner charity.

Check whether you need a receipt or not.

Put the box(es) on your porch for pick-up.

What if You Don’t Have an Amazon Box?

You don’t have to donate using an Amazon box, but there is a shipping and processing fee you’d have to pay – usually around $20. You would also need to take the box to a USPS or UPS drop-off site. If your nearest charity is miles away, the $20 may seem worth it if you have a post office a block or two away.

Learn more about this program here.

Spring Cleaning has never been so simple and rewarding.



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