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This could be the most valuable pan in your home

Updated: May 24, 2021

Overhead photo of armory drain pans

After experiencing an appliance leak, a bedraggled homeowner said to us, “There’s no such thing as a little bit of water,” especially when it comes to leaks in your home.

Consider this scenario: you come home from work one day and see a puddle of water on your kitchen floor near your dishwasher. You hope it is just a small leak but find that there is actually significant damage under the floor and in the adjacent wall as this leak has been occurring for weeks. And once drywall and joists become saturated, mold quickly follows. This is not a mop-only clean-up.

What are the odds?

According to the Insurance Information Institute (, one in every 50 insured homes has a water damage claim each year. Water damage is also the single, largest claim category with Mutual Assurance Society members. Depending on the type and location of the damage, the repair can get very expensive. On average, the cost to restore water damage is $26.22 per square foot, with an average claim of $10,500. If you have 2nd-floor appliances, you could easily be looking at significantly higher repair costs.

These calculations are based on the assumption that a leak is a clear-water leak. If the water source is a dishwasher or washing machine, the leak may be “grey-water” or water with soap or other chemicals in it. In these cases, homeowners can add another $8 per square foot to the restoration costs.

Armory to the rescue

The founder of Armory Drain Pans, headquartered in Henrico, Virginia, spent years managing kitchen remodeling projects and kept running into a common problem: leaks from under counter appliances. After searching for but not finding a workable solution, he invented a drain pan that will fit under an appliance, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, or ice maker, that has limited height restrictions due to a fixed countertop.

Once installed, the Armory Drain Pan not only senses, blocks, and traps leaks, it also drains the water safely away. Partner this pan with the Flo by Moen water shut-off valve, and you can rest easy that leaks or faults in your water-using devices will not be an issue.

The Armory pan comes in two sizes (15” and 24”) and can be quickly and easily installed by a licensed plumber. Each Appliance Drain Pan kit includes a specialized drain tray, a pair of skids, and an oversized drain fitting. It can be installed either during or after construction. This is why this pan is a product we love and recommend.

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Bonus Information

If you have a dishwasher that is leaking, the problem is usually one of the below. Some of these you can check before calling a plumber. Others are points you'll want to make sure your plumber considers.

  1. Machine needs leveling

  2. Door seal has failed

  3. Pump has failed

  4. Filter is clogged

  5. Machine is loaded incorrectly (object blocking spray arm)

  6. Float switch has failed


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