50% EVs by 2030? It's looking doubtful.

Experts say the likelihood that the U.S. will meet President Biden's goal that 50% of the cars on the road will be EVs by 2030 is doubtful. Why? Here's their take.

Semiconductor shortage

Young couple with woman leaning against an EV while man is putting in charger.

In reporting on Intel's quarterly earnings, Intel's chief executive Pat Gelsinger believes the global chip shortage will last into 2024 and not end in 2023 as originally hoped. Even with large plants being built in the U.S. to help address our dependence on foreign contract companies making chips, acquiring the equipment needed to manufacture them, not to mention the building materials shortage for the factories themselves, is proving difficult. Covid, labor shortages, and transportation woes have set back timing by months, if not a year or more.