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Kroll Bond Rating Agency Assigns A Rating to Mutual Assurance Society

Updated: May 7, 2021

The Kroll Bond Rating Agency, KBRA, rates the financial strength and/or debt of insurance operating companies like Mutual Assurance Society. KBRA looks at financial information sourced from both public and non-public documents and uses this information to provide a forward-looking rating that captures the financial and operating risk to policyholders as well as the likelihood that the insurance company will meet its policyholder obligations.

This chart illustrates the sequential steps KBRA follows to derive a rating:

Flow chart of KBRA rating evaluation process

The specific financial metrics that KBRA considers for Property and Casualty Insurers are:

Loss and loss adjustment expense reserves to policyholders’ surplus

• Net leverage

• Ceded reinsurance leverage

• Current liquidity

• Operating cash flow ratio

• Combined ratio

• Operating ratio

We are delighted that KBRA has found Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia to be financially stable with a favorable outlook. We are also looking forward to the opportunity to shore up our negligible vulnerabilities so we can continue to protect our members thoroughly and effectively.

Read the full report here:

Insurance_ Mutual Assurance Society of V
Download • 363KB



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