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Landscaping That Can Hurt Home Value

Photo of traditional home on slope with haphazard landscaping including seasonal flowers, gravel areas, table with chairs, game net, unmowed grass,  and unsophisticated design.
Example of landscaping that can hurt home value.

June 6th is National Gardening Exercise Day - a day to celebrate improving your health and landscaping.

But not all landscaping will help improve the value of your home. In fact, some landscaping

"improvements" can make selling your home for the asking price more difficult. Here are some landscaping un-improvements to avoid.

Unkempt Lawns and Plantings

Overgrown shrubs, lawns, and trees can hurt your home's value as "curb appeal" is dampened, and potential home buyers will think you have to work hard to maintain this garden. If you have a lawn, it is always better to keep it well trimmed so the grasses and weeds cannot go to seed and intrude into driveway and sidewalk grooves as well as mulched areas and your neighbor's yards.

Speaking of mulch, weedy mulched areas are a turn-off to home buyers, so make sure you replenish mulch as needed. Garden experts recommend 3" of mulch (kept 3" away from plant trunks to prevent damage) to help keep weeds at bay.