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A Member's Experience With Flo

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Close-up of flo device installed on pipe
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A long-time member, Rich Moncure, wrote to tell us of his experiences with the Flo by Moen water damage mitigation device. He thinks it is a great decision for all of our members to purchase and install this device in their homes, and here's why.

App Worked On The First Night

On the very first night after it was installed, Mr. Moncure was asleep in his home when his Flo app alerted him about a leak in the house. As it turns out, he had left the outdoor hose on. After addressing it on the app and turning off the outside faucet, Moncure was able to rest easy that night knowing his device was working for him, saving his home from possible foundation damage and his wallet from a high water bill.

Great Customer Service

Moncure called the Flo Support team because his water had stopped flowing. Thinking the issue might be with the Flo device, he called the device support desk. With the help of his "Flo guy," Moncure remembered he'd had a groundwater detector installed many years before that now had sensed dampness and turned off the water. He writes, my "Flo guy helped me determine this was the case. We laughed.

"If you ever need to call Flo for support, my experience has been fantastic. There are no long queue times, and somebody has always been available to work with me."


Moncure has had the Flo device installed in his vacation home as well. "I don't normally turn off the water when I leave the house," Moncure wrote, "but if I see freezing weather in the forecast, I tell Flo to shut it off from 100 miles away. Flo can easily tell you if the main water supply is ON or OFF."

He also enjoys being able to review his water use reports on a daily and weekly basis. "It is interesting and comforting to manage what could be an expensive issue if water were to run unnoticed for an extended period of time."


"Flo tests nightly for leaks." Every night, it shuts the water off for about 10 minutes. During that time, it monitors to see if there's a pressure drop. Since your home's water pipes are a closed system, if the input port is closed and all the valves are closed, pressure should not drop -- unless there's a leak. This is another great feature that offers peace of mind to all homeowners who have the device installed.

Moncure's Tip

"Always turn OFF your hot water if you leave a house for more than four days. In my case, this saves between $12-$40 per month on my power bill."

Take It From Someone With Leak Experience

"My house is furnished with brand-new granite countertops, new flooring, and other new amenities (in a 20-year-old house)," says Moncure. "Why? Because the previous owner neglected to manage their water, and the pipes froze, resulting in pipes exploding, and what I imagine was a hefty insurance claim." Two floors had to be gutted, and the homeowners opted to upgrade the countertops and flooring during the repairs. "I promised myself I would not let that happen to me."



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