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Updated: Jun 2

Occasionally we come across helpful information that doesn't merit an entire blog post, but that our members will find of interest. Check back often as we update these.

1794 Was a Banner Year

June 14, 2023

Mutual Assurance was founded in 1794, making it a banner year for Virginia, but 1794 is also when President George Washington signed into law the Flag Act, which created the first and only official U.S. flag with 15 stripes. The new flag also had 15 stars to accommodate the admission of Vermont and Kentucky into the Union. This version flew from 1795 until 1818.

In 1818, a new Flag Act established the modern rule of having thirteen stripes representing the original thirteen colonies, as well as the number of stars matching the number of states. It further stipulated that all new flags should only be introduced on July 4th, Independence Day.

Happy Flag Day 2023.


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