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Why You Should Consider Flood Insurance

From severe storms to storm surges, Virginia homeowners should consider Flood insurance, even if their homes are not in a typical flood zone. Here are 7 reasons Flood insurance in Virginia makes sense:

Colonial home with red door and front porch surrounded by flood waters and trees

You don’t have to be near a coast, river, or stream to face flood risk.

Anywhere it can rain, it can flood.

Heavy spring rains and melting snow increase the likelihood of rivers overflowing.

Heavy river flooding can cause damage miles away from the river itself.

Warmer temperatures often bring slow-moving storms that carry more water.

Prolonged, heavy rain increases flood risk.

Just one inch of floodwater in a typical home can cause up to $25,000 of damage.

Drywall removal, personal property loss, foundation repair, the list of costly repairs goes on. Flood insurance is the best way to protect against the financial impacts of flooding.

Most homeowners and renters insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

Some may cover seepage or storm drain backup. You should double-check your policy.

New flood insurance policies usually take 30 days to go into effect.

Better to be prepared than sorry after the fact.

Disaster assistance may not cover your flood losses:

  • Federal assistance is available only when the President declares a major disaster.

  • Most assistance is in the form of loans that must be repaid with interest.

  • Disaster grants provide far less financial assistance than flood insurance.

  • Second homes are not eligible for disaster assistance.


You can prepare to help reduce flood losses:

  • Store copies of important documents, records, and insurance papers in a safe, dry place. Keep originals in a safe deposit box.

  • Elevate and anchor utilities: electrical panels, propane tanks, appliances, and heating systems.

  • Toss or clear debris from gutters and downspouts to avoid backups.

  • Make sure gutters are directed away from your house.


Source: FEMA



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