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Close-up photo of a broken copper water pipe and muddy ground around it.

Service Line Coverage For Homeowners

Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia is pleased to offer Service Line coverage for Homeowners.  Service Line coverage offers an affordable way to protect the critical utility services to your home and avoid a costly and unexpected repairs.  

If your home has an electrical, water, gas, sewer, or communication line, then you may be exposed to a Service Line loss that may not be covered by your homeowners policy.   A water line break, or tree root intrusion to a septic line can render your home unlivable and result in costly repairs and temporary living costs.   

In addition to providing coverage for repairs associated with a service line failure, coverage also extends to the following:  

  • Expediting expenses so you can make immediate repairs

  • Reimbursement for temporary living expenses

  • Environmental Safety and Efficiency Improvements

Common Causes of

Service Line Failure

  • Freezing or frost heaves

  • Tree root intrusion

  • Mechanical damage to piping

  • Wear and tear

  • Deterioration of materials

  • Rust or corrosion

  • Vermin, insects, rodents or other animals

Covered Service Lines Include:

  • Domestic Water Lines

  • Electrical Distribution Lines 

  • Fiber Optic Cables

  • Telecommunications

  • Compressed Air 

  • Drainage

  • Natural Gas

  • Propane


Water Line Crack

  • The primary water line that supplies a family home developed a leak from a split in the copper pipe.

  • The pipe was repaired and only minimal excavation was necessary. The cost of repairs was $1,660.

  • The Insured only paid their property deductible with endorsement ($1,000 minimum).

Sewer Pipe Broken

  • Over the years the underground sewer line from the home to the street deteriorated and collapsed.

  • The yard was  landscaped with mature shrubs and hardscaping. The cost of full excavation of the line, repair, and landscaping was $10,996.

  • This loss was covered as a “wear & tear”.

  • The insured only paid their property deductible w/endorsement ($1,000 minimum).

Service Line Limit of Insurance:  $10,000 | Policy Deductible Applies

Available on Homeowner policies only, not dwelling.

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