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Lime green boots standing in water over blue flooring.

Water Damage

Sewer, Drain/Sump, Surface

Most homeowners insurance policies cover sudden and accidental water damage from inside your home like a burst pipe or an unknown leak from a water heater. But what about water that comes from outside your home like a backed-up sewer pipe or water that has seeped through your foundation?

With our Water Damage endorsement, we offer limited coverage for any direct physical loss caused by the following:

  • Water or sewage that backs up through sewers or drains.

  • Water that overflows or discharges from a sump, sump pump, or related equipment.

  • Our Preferred Homeowners policy also covers damage caused by groundwater that seeps, leaks, or flows into a building.


The coverage is limited to $5,000, but additional coverage can be purchased if desired. For example, if you have a fully finished basement, you may want to add to the base amount to ensure your drywall, flooring, and mold remediation are all covered.

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