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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia is pleased to offer Equipment Breakdown coverage through your Homeowners Insurance policy.  This important coverage offers an alternative to home warranty plans and includes a wide array of coverage from large heating and cooling systems to your smaller electronic devices.

If your home utilizes electricity, adding Equipment Breakdown coverage to your homeowners policy can help protect you against an expensive and unexpected repair cost.


Equipment Breakdown coverage includes electrical, mechanical, and pressure system  breakdown for your “Assured Premises.” And we have now extended coverage to include “Off-Premises Equipment” that will help protect important property while traveling or away on vacation.

Coverage Highlight

Off Premises Equipment Coverage

Loss Example: While lounging by the pool on a family vacation, the hotel experienced a spike in voltage which resulted in a power surge throughout the hotel. The family had been charging various electronic devices including a laptop, a cell phone and a tablet. Due to the power surge, all three electronic devices were damaged and required repairs and/or replacement.


Covered Damages: $1,850

Coverered Equipment Includes

Washers & Dryers

Computer Equipent



Garbage Disposals

Heat Pumps

Home Heating Systems

Air-Conditioning Units

Lighting Fixtures

Home Security Systems

Microwaves & Ovens

Sump Pumps

Surround Sound Systems

Swimming Pool Equipment


More Loss Examples

Broken A/C Compressor

• The compressor on an air conditioner suffered a covered breakdown in the middle of a heat wave.

• Cost: $6,500 for repairs and for cost of housing the family in a hotel while waiting for the repair.

• The insured only paid their property deductible w/endorsement ($1,000 minimum)

Broken Temperature Control Unit on Fridge

• The temperature control unit on the fridge suffered a covered breakdown resulting in repairs and spoiled food.

• Cost: $2,500

• The insured only paid their property deductible w/endorsement ($1,000 minimum)

Equipment Breakdown Limit of Insurance: $50,000

If you are not already a member of Mutual Assurance

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2022 Edition. This is made available for informational purposes only. This is only a summary of coverage and does not change or supplement the policy. Refer to the actual coverage form for full details.

* price based on home value

Only available for homeowner and condo policies, not dwelling or rental policies.

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