Member Checklist

Please review this list to make sure you are benefitting from all that Mutual Assurance has to offer.

Things to do

•   Update your email address

     Call, email, or go to the member portal

•   Go Paperless


•   Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter

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•   Purchase Flo by Moen

     Smart Water Shutoff device offered at $225 - more than 70% off retail. Click Here to order.

•   Update your Scheduled Personal Property (jewelry, fine arts, etc.) with current appraised values

     Call, email, or go to the member portal


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Click Here To Add These Any Of These Coverages

Click on the coverage type name for more information.

•   Earthquake

•   Service Line

•   Equipment Breakdown

•   Umbrella Policy (PULP)


•   Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage (UM/UIM) added to your existing Umbrella Policy


•   Renters

     Still available for your dependents away at school, and now available to qualified individuals