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2024 Holiday Gift List

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

15 Inflation Busting Gift Ideas!

We've been keeping our eye out for some of the most popular, useful, and just plain fun gifts to give this holiday season. We hope you'll find the perfect gift for that really-hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

Click on any image for more information or a link to purchase. The costs listed can fluctuate depending on supply and demand.


Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

Four red packages, each containing a Prepared Hero fire blanket

The Prepared Hero Fire blanket is a must for every homeowner, condo, or apartment liver. It is very simple to use and can also protect your head and torso from flames and heat if you have to exit a burning building.

To use, hang the blanket from a hook or nail in an easy-to-reach location. Pull the black tabs to remove the blanket from the jacket. Put the blanket over the flame and smother it.

These fiberglass blankets can be reused and are easier to operate than an extinguisher. We like them so much that every Mutual team member has received one for their own home. Get a set of four and have spares for gifting.

$80.00 ($20 each)

Snug Plug

Snug Plug package that shows how the snug plug works in your outlets

If you've ever tried to plug in a lamp only to have the plug fall out, this is the best thing since sliced bread.

The snug plug means you won't have to keep adjusting the prongs on your plug to keep it in the outlet.

The plastic plug fits in the "eye slots" on the outlet and instantly creates a snug fit for your plug. You can take them on trips, use them around the house, or give them as a stocking stuffer.

They come in clear and glow-in-the-dark options. Genius!


Wallet Ninja

Black and silver all-in-pne tool that is the size of a credit card - screwdriver, mirror, nail puller, can opener, phone stand, nail file, bottle opener, ruler and wrench are the tools

The Wallet Ninja is a great gadget to keep in your wallet or purse. This all-in-one tool includes a wrench, peeler, letter opener, ruler, bottle opener, nail file, eyeglass screwdriver, box opener, phone stand, mirror, nail puller, and can opener.

Pack it for a hike, travel, or everyday use. Made of 4x heat-treated steel, it won't bend, break, or rust.

Another great stocking gift.


Car Door Step

Plastic car step with treaded platform and shepherd's crook arm to attach to u-hooks on car

When you are washing your car, or trying to access your car roof rack, it is difficult to balance on the edge of your open car door, or even on a ladder.

This handy device hooks to the u-shaped latch on the inside of your car door and can handle up to 400 pounds - so you and a bike, skis, or even a mattress are safe on this step.

It is wide enough for both feet and fits in your glove box or center console for easy access.


USB Lamp Socket Charger

Two lamp socket charger devices

Now you can turn any lamp into a USB charging station for your phone, tablet, or any device that uses USB charging. It is easy to install, frees up surface space, and can be used whether the lamp is on or not.

Each socket has two ports and provides a stable 5V DC, 2 AMP output and can be used with any bulb up to 60W. LED light bulbs are best.

$23.00 ($11.50 each)

LED Battery Flickering Candle Tapers

Four battery operated white taper candles with remote control

Now you can enjoy candlelight without the risk of fire.

These realistic candles are operated using AAA batteries and come with a remote control so you can quickly and easily light or "extinguish" the flames.

These come in multiple colors and offer a safer, elegant alternative to holiday decorating.


Corksickle Cooler Backpack

Baby blue corksickle backpack cooler

Why lug a cooler to the beach when you can put this

beauty on your back? This backpack cooler keeps your beverages, sun spray, lunch, and lotion cool for 24 hours while you soak in the sun at the beach or hike to a picnic spot in the mountains. Stylish and practical - the best gift combo. The price isn't as inflation-busting as othe items on this lists, but these are built to last and can be used for many years, so the price per year is an inflation-buster!


Fire and Waterproof Document Bag

portable fire and waterproof document bag in grey with open sleeve containing passports, and another with credit cards

Have you heard the story about the man who put his life savings in coins in his bank box - then the bank closed and the coins were sold at auction by the bank for pennies on the dollar because he didn't know about the closing? If you are reticent to put your valuable papers and belongings in a bank box, this is a great alternative.

Fireproof and waterproof, this document, this silicone-coated fiberglass pouch has a high-temperature resistance of 2000° F and can be safely hidden in your home, or easily packed in your luggage if you are traveling. It comes with a lock as an added layer of protection.


State of Virginia Kitchen Towel

close-up of edge of kitchen towel featuring cartoon highlights of the state of Virginia

Whether you have a neighbor new to the state, a relative who has moved out of Virginia, or you simply want to celebrate someone's Virginianess, this kitchen towel is a great gift to help remind someone of many of the great things about the Commonwealth.


Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Open box of rectangular shortbread cookies that have a personalized message imprinted into the dough, like I heart you to the moon and back, and Little treat for a big thanks

You can say "Merry Christmas, Dad!" or "Happy New Year, Mary" with these custom shortbread cookies. These cookies can also be invitations, business cards, or maybe an inside joke. Whatever you want to say (that will fit on a cookie) is limited only to your imagination. Box of 24 cookies.


Auto Face-Tracking Phone Mount

Black auto-face tracking phone stand with smart phone in stand

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can have video calls without having to hold the phone as you move around a room. Talk to your kids while you cook, play your latest guitar composition while rocking out, or do a video for Tik Tok and this stand follows your moves so you can really move around.

With 360° rotation, a magnetic holder, and a rechargeable battery, you can easily set up your phone and let the stand work its magic.


Rapid USB Car Charger

Blue and black charging device, front and back, showing number of ports on device

Now you can charge multiple devices in your car 2X faster than most chargers with this 5-port charger. The device has a 5 ft. Cable that provides up to 2.4 amps per port or 10.8 amps overall, and works with 12v-24v vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters.

No more sitting in the parking lot so your devices can get to enough power to let you go on to your appointments.


Rechargeable Milk Frother

Close up of milk frother, frother tip, charging cord, and cup of latte with heart in foam

Whether you are frothing milk for a latte, or you simply want to make sure your coffee or hot chocolate is thoroughly mixed, this rechargeable device is a great gadget to have on hand. Lots of people are adding protein powders to their morning brew, and this mini-mixer makes sure it is smoothly blended. Perfect for the person you think has everything - and even if he has one of these, you can always use another.


Custom Neon Sign

Neon sign that says Alexis with a heart on green background

Great for kids or that teenage influencer in your life. You can put their name in lights! Or, say "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas", or even "Get off My Lawn." You can even make an image of a child's favorite toy like a rocket or teddy bear.

Your sign can range from 20" to 55" in size. This is a great way to lighten up someone's life in a unique way!


Self-Cleaning Pet Brush

purple self-cleaning pet brush that has the same shape as a vacuum floor attachment head

A pet brush that is easy to clean? Sign me up! After you've finished brushing your pet, press the button on the handle and the bristles disappear so you can easily remove the hair. This is a game-changer in pet grooming! So easy that it will make brushing your pet every day a joy instead of a chore.




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