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Mutual Assurance's Net Promoter Score

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Clearsurance, a rating and review platform for insurance consumers, recently published a list of insurance providers with the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is based on how likely a policyholder is to recommend their insurance provider to other people.

Worth noting - most who go onto a site like Clearsurance are probably shopping around, so many providers aren't even under consideration as their policyholders are content with their provider.

The company with the highest rating in this year's survey is Country Financial, a nationwide insurance provider that operates mostly in agricultural areas, edging out Erie Insurance by less than one percent.

So what is Mutual Assurance's NPS? The fact is, we don't know for sure because we haven't asked, but we can make two sound assumptions.

Member Loyalty

Member loyalty or the "attrition rate" for Mutual Assurance has averaged less than 5% every year since we started measuring it. Our members leave for three reasons: death, they moved out of state, or they moved into what Westminster Canterbury calls itself, a continuing care retirement facility.

Our Business has Relied on Referrals

For 229 years, our business has thrived almost entirely on referrals, and maybe an occasional, "I stumbled across your name when I was researching information on lightning strikes," - one of our most popular blog posts.

To answer the NPS on Mutual Assurance question, we'd have to humbly give ourselves a score that's close to 100%. That's not to say we make every member happy all the time, but we believe our policyholders know we work hard to put their needs first and give them the best service and savings available.

It's why we say, "It's the way home insurance was meant to be."

Have you referred anyone to Mutual Assurance?



Source: ALM 360 Insurance


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