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Avoid Getting Scammed by Roofers

Updated: May 26

Did you know many roofers use Storm Tracker apps so they can magically show up at your door following a storm? They will offer to examine your roof and let you know if there is any damage. Then they'll offer to contact your insurance company for you to handle the claim.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Right. Beware the roofer you didn't call.

Here are some of the scams roofers may use to con unsuspecting homeowners.


These roofers quickly descend on neighborhoods where recent storms may have damaged roofs from wind or hail. They will offer to do an inspection and show you photos of your damaged roof. The catch is - the photo may be fake or of someone else's roof.

Down Payment

If a roofer asks for a down payment for roofing supplies, don't do it! Legitimate roofing companies will have enough resources to do the job without asking for money upfront.

Insurance Fraud

Another ploy may be an offer to pay your home insurance deductible in order to get access to your insurance reimbursement. Don't accept a roofer's offer to increase your