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Mutual and Mountains

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Every year on December 11th, International Mountain Day aims to increase awareness about the importance of mountains. Mountains cover 27% of the earth’s landmass and their conservation is a key factor in sustainable development. They are home to one-quarter of the world’s land animals and plants, provide fresh water to half of the world’s population, and produce 6 of the most consumed foods like cacao and coffee.

In Virginia, there are 136 named mountains and 10 named mountain ranges – The Ridge & Valley Appalachians, Blue Ridge Mountains, Southwest Mountains, Broken Hills, Bull Run Mountains, Catoctin Mountain, Massanutten Mountain, & Piedmont Monadnocks. Oddly enough, there are only 91 named Gaps between all of these mountains.

Mutual Assurance's History in the Virginia Mountains

Mutual Assurance has insured many homes in these mountains, gaps, and the valleys in between since we started protecting homeowners across Virginia. In fact, a home in Fincastle was one of the very first policies we wrote. In the 1800s, however, the Society's city and town-based policyholders demanded we stop insuring buildings in remote locations where it was too difficult to reach a burning house in time to save it. As a result, in 1820, we had to cancel the policies on homes like Monticello, Montpelier, and many other houses situated away from cities and towns.

Today, we have re-opened our coverage to homeowners in the mountains and valleys of Virginia as infrastructure and technology make insuring these properties viable. After 200 years, however, most living in these parts of the state have never heard of Mutual Assurance and the exceptional savings and service we offer using the same methodology as we did in 1794.

You Can Help us Grow out West

If you know a homeowner in the mountains, gaps, and valleys of Virginia you think would be a good fit for Mutual Assurance, use our refer-a-friend page to let them get an estimate and see how much they can save with us over the life of their policy. We feel we offer too much to all of Virginia to be kept a secret any longer.

You can learn more about Virginia's mountains here.




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