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Our Agency Partners

Updated: Jan 29

Mutual Assurance has been partnering with independent insurance agencies since the early 1800s, and many of our partners have been with us for over a century. Here are just some of the companies that represent Mutual Assurance in communities across Virginia.


Campbell Insurance

In 1918, Walter Duval Campbell Sr. founded Campbell Insurance in Lynchburg. For over a century, this respected and trusted company has focused on loyalty, dedication, and the commitment of each employee to their clients. As an employee-owned company, every team member has a vested interest in ensuring their policyholders get the best possible coverage and value for their money, and they provide it with unmatched service.

Campbell has over 10,000 clients and represents Mutual Assurance in Lynchburg, Campbell County, Bedford, Amherst, Salem, and Roanoke.

Due to our partnership with Campbell Insurance, Lynchburg has become one of Mutual Assurance’s largest markets. We are grateful for the loyalty and commitment shown to our clients and look forward to another 100 years of partnership with this outstanding company.


Hanckel Citizens

Founded in 1872, Hanckel Citizens just celebrated their 150th anniversary of serving customers in the greater Charlottesville area. Mutual Assurance has partnered with Hanckel Citizens for nearly all of those 150 years, riding the waves of economic up and downturns, maintaining a strong alliance throughout.

Hanckel Citizens focuses on giving their customers sound and trustworthy advice, all while taking a personal approach that distinguishes them from most other agencies. Their mission aligns so closely with Mutual Assurance’s goal of insuring well-maintained homes with low risk, that there is no other agency in the market we’d want offering memberships to The Society.

Charlottesville is the third largest market for Mutual Assurance, after Richmond and Lynchburg, thanks to the efforts of everyone at Hanckel Citizens. We look forward to 150 more years of offering Virginia’s best home insurance together.

Suffolk Insurance

Another century-long partner, Award-Winning Suffolk Insurance has been providing commercial and personal lines of insurance to thousands of clients in the Hampton Roads area for 100 years (founded in 1923). They pride themselves on giving their customers the best information available to safeguard their families and investments, building long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Like Mutual, Suffolk Insurance provides personal service, a novelty in our computerized age where online forms, emails, and text messaging abound. Suffolk works closely with its clients to find the right balance of outreach to ensure peace of mind.  We are glad to have a partner whose mission so aligns with ours.

The Winchester Group

Founded in 2002, The Winchester Group (TWG) is one of our newest partner agencies, serving one of the fastest growing communities in the state - the beautiful town of Winchester and surrounding areas.

Though still a relatively young agency, TWG has a team of highly qualified insurance professionals with a combined 350 years of experience. Their commitment is to being trusted advisors that provide the proper level of protection with outstanding, personalized service.

TWG's mission statement says it all when it comes to protecting homeowners along with Mutual Assurance. To paraphrase, they are committed to protecting families in their local communities by offering strategic solutions for their insurance needs.

USI Norfolk

USI is a very large company with offices all over the U.S., but their office in Norfolk has been partnering with Mutual Assurance as an independent agency long before they were acquired by USI over a decade ago.

Mutual Assurance has been insuring homes in Norfolk since the company opened in 1794. In fact, this port town was a bit of a tinderbox in its early days, and while Mutual Assurance Society wasn't around to save the town from near-total destruction in 1775, we were there for many homeowners in 1799 when another devastating fire hit. As the company grew in the 1800s, Mutual Assurance partnered with independent agents to help homeowners acquire the coverage they needed to protect their homes and families.

Mutual's main agent in Norfolk, Vicki Whited, has been representing our Perpetual Policy to homeowners for over 37 years, first with Henderson and Phillips Agency and USI when that firm was acquired. She knows just the type of home and responsible homeowners we want to have as members, fand provides the same trusted advice and personal service we do. We are proud to call USI one of our partner agencies in coastal Virginia.



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