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A New Look For The "Old Mutual"

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Mutual Assurance is pleased to introduce its new logo – a salute to our past and a symbol for our progress into the next centuries.

There are several reasons for creating this logo, but the main one is that we’ve never really had one before. The firemark has been used in lieu of an official logo. Still, with the HO5 and a push into new areas of Virginia, we felt it was time to create a symbol that spoke to the company’s history, elegance, and, well, Virginianess.

Our inspiration

In the late 19th century, Virginian William J. Loth started the Waynesboro Stove Company, which manufactured iron stoves and their brass components. As electric appliances took over in the early 20th century, many similar manufacturers shut down, unable to adapt. Loth, however, changed the company name to Virginia Metalcrafters and, in 1936, started making and selling unique, tasteful, and historically-based household items to a new American tourist attraction, Colonial Williamsburg. You can find their trivets, lamps, teapots, and candlesticks in homes around the country and all across the web.

Monticello, William & Mary, and many historic Virginia sites we have insured throughout the years contracted with the company to create reproductions of pieces used by many of our founding fathers. It is these pieces that inspired the look of our new logo.