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Hiring a Contactor Homeowner Survey Report

Updated: 6 days ago

Close up of red clipboard holding a sheet of paper that says "estimate" with a contractor's hand holding red pen about to write on it

Each year, Arcsite conducts a survey of over 10,000 homeowners to determine their habits in searching for a contractor to perform home improvements or renovations. While this survey is designed to help contractors know what homeowners are looking for, it is also very helpful for homeowners to know best practices in hiring a contractor.

Here is a summary of their key discoveries.

Researching Contractors

Graph showing what homeowners look for when researching a contractor

Homeowners rely on referrals, reviews, and past work examples when researching a contractor.

Referrals rank as the #1 source for finding a reliable contractor. Friends and family and online reviews are almost equally important.

According to, consumers are 63% more likely to trust brands with online reviews compared to brands with no reviews. A lack of reviews makes buyers feel increased risk, which makes them hesitant to go further in the hiring process.

Budget Affects Research Time

Chart showing how long homeowners spend researching a contractor before getting an estimate

On average, homeowners spend only an hour or two researching a contractor before requesting an

estimate. The scope of work and budget, however, can affect the amount of time used to find the right contractor. The larger the project, the longer the research time.

Those who budget over $10,000 a year on repairs and renovations spend at least 3-5 hours researching contractors.

Annual Repair Budgets Are Widely Varied

Chart showing how much people budget for home repairs each year

Many homeowners save nothing for repairs and renovations, while others put away thousands. Research shows that less 42% of homeowners have less than $1000 budgeted each year for repairs, though the largest percentage of those surveyed save between $1000 and $4,999.

Payment Preferences

Chart showing how homeowners prefer to pay for large home repairs

Cash (32%) and credit (37%) are how homeowners prefer to pay for large home repair bills. In fact, 61% of homeowners use some form of credit (cards, financing, and lines of credit).

How Many Quotes Do Homeowners Get

Chart showing how many quotes homeowners receive before accepting a bid

The larger the job, the more bids a homeowner will seek out.

After Price, Professionalism Matters Most

How a contractor presents him/herself during the sales process is an important factor in the selection process. Here's how the most important factors that go in to selecting a contractor rank: